Assistant teacher course/Self-management and independent learning

Self-management and independent learning Edit

Self-management and
independent learning
Activity: lecture, group work
Group size: unlimited
Preparation: test run
Instructors: 1
Duration: ?

Higher-order volitions are volitions about volitions.
Self-management and independent learning require higher-order volitions.

  • Discuss the relationships between higher-order volitions, self-management and independent learning.
  • How can you train your own ability to follow higher-order volitions?
  • How can you train somebody else's ability to follow higher-order volitions?

Logical consequences are a parent education concept.

  • Discuss the relationship between logical consequences and higher-order volitions.

Logical consequences are explained in the Wikibooks Parent Education Course Writer's Guide. The term higher-order volition can be found in Wikipedia.

Solitary learning Edit


ToDo: Tips for solitary learning.

While self-motivated learning in a group of pupils is important, solitary learning from a book is also something assistant teachers should learn.

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