Assistant teacher course/Organization

Organization: Part I Edit

Organization: Part I
Activity: lecture, group work
Group size: more than 20
Preparation: none
Instructors: 2
Duration: ?

Coopetition Edit

Should assistant teachers form several groups and allow coopetition between groups? What aspects could be competitive and what aspects could be cooperative? To try out the effect the group should be split into two independent groups, each developing its own model for coopetition. Each group has its own instructor and can work alone but the groups should be encouraged to exchange ideas.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of coopetition between groups of assistant teachers?

  • What effects can competition have on assistant teachers and pupils?
  • What effects can cooperation have on assistant teachers in different groups?
  • What effects can several groups have on the relation between teachers and assistant teachers?

Some observations that can be made are that competition can make the work more interesting and challenging and thus provide motivation. Cooperation can allow the assistant teachers to learn from each other and to join forces, if necessary. The relation between teachers and assistant teachers can benefit because assistant teachers are free to join the group that best represents their attitude, the teachers can react more specific to the written program and code of conduct of a group.

Allowing new assistant teachers to form their own groups can help to avoid reactance and other forms of rejection. This way new assistant teachers can both rebel against the established order of things and follow the assistant teacher role model as they choose to understand it.

Coopetition means that the assistant teachers can join different groups, for instance one group per class, groups with slightly different concepts, groups that represent subjects or departments, groups with eponymous role models or a combination thereof.

Please develop your own model for coopetition.

  • How and when can assistant teachers establish new groups?
  • How small can a group be?
  • Can the teachers disestablish a group of assistant teachers?
  • Can a teacher refuse to work with a certain group?
  • Can a pupil join more than one group?
  • Can one group disqualify an assistant teacher from another group?
  • Are there independent committees that don't belong to any group?

Explain your choices and prepare to discuss the explanations in the whole group.

Governance Edit

The ideas for governance the participants develop can help them to improve their system later on. After the participants have understood what can be done and how a good assistant teacher effort should work the goal is, however, to develop a much less perfect system in order to allow later assistant teachers or pupils to reform the system.


Committees Edit


Organization: Part II Edit

Organization: Part II
Activity: lecture, group work
Group size: unlimited
Preparation: none
Instructors: 1
Duration: ?

Code of conduct Edit


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