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Inter Organ Connection Models

It is not enough to understand how a brain organ works, we need to understand how they work together as well. Often more than one organ is involved in the execution of a specific function of the brain. While there are hints of connections, that are mappable if we follow the main paths of neurons throughout the brain, mapping connections in the brain has been difficult up until now. However a recent discovery of a means of visualization of connections using a special MRI program suggests that we might soon have a more comprehensive idea of connections on many levels in the brain.

The following models suggest ways in which the different organs of the brain might work together. These are transient expressions of our current understanding of what the organs do, mixed with our current understanding of how they connect to each other. As more research is done into organic operation and their connections within the brain, we will be able to learn more about the functions of the organs, and how they work together, and this will reshape our knowledge about how the brain works.