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Definition edit

Art strike is the conscious refusal of art production. The wikipedia article is in development see w:art strike

Manifesto edit

Art strike as a practice begins with a declaration. See Gustav Metzger's "Years Without Art" (upload or type out copy here). Stewart Home plagiarised this manifesto for the 1993 art strike

Discussion edit

Is art strike an art practices or an art movements or social movement or workers movement ... how else could we look at it?

Report of discussion meeting in 2010:

Art Strike Papers is a collection of discussions around the 1993 Art Strike.

The papers are online here:

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Supercession of the Art Strike edit

the Alytus Biennial organised an art strike - which lead to the congress of psychic workers and the Psychic Strike

Examples edit

People Organisations Period Events Places Practices
Wikipedia:Gustav Metzger 1977-1980 New York Art Strike
Wikipedia:Stewart Home Art Strike Action Committee) 1990-1993 London
Wikipedia:Redas Diržys ABRACADABRA) 2009-2012 Alytus Art Strike, Multiple-use name
Justin McKeown SPART Action Group 2009-2012 Alytus Biennial Belfast
Denis Limonov Lipovy Tzvet 2014-2017 Moscow
Pablo Hermann OKK 2015 Psychic Strike Biennial Berlin Art Strike

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