Arduino/Software Install

Arduino Software Running

Target Audience Edit

Anyone who looks at the official introduction and sees too many words.

Starting Point Edit

Have an arduino and test whether it is working. Have a USB cable to connect to a computer.

Replication Goal Edit

Launch the Ardunio IDE

Procedure: Download Ardunio Software Edit

  1. Step: Download the software for your platform.
  2. Step: Save the file when prompted
  3. Step: Put the file in a place it can be found, remember the file name.
  4. Step: Find the file and click on it
  5. Step: Extract the file to a place where it will be executed. It does not belong on the desktop. This is the only installation step.
  6. Step: Find the extracted folder. It will contain a number ... something like arduino-0022. Launch the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) by clicking on arduino.exe