Alternatives to partying

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The following statistics show that the number of teens partying and driving under the influence is alarming and they need to be aware of other options for their weekend activities.

  • According to the Missouri Student Survey conducted by the Missouri Institute of Mental Health (MIMH), almost 30% of Missouri students indicated they drank in the past 30 days. In Clay County, 20% to less than 30% of the students in the county reported drinking in the past 30 days.
  • According to the MSS, 22.1% of students in Missouri indicated they were a passenger in a vehicle which was being driven by someone who was drinking alcohol and around 14% of the students, 16 or older, said they had driven while drinking in the past 30 days.
  • According to the 2004 Traffic Safety Compendium, 10.2% of the fatal accidents involving teens were attributed to alcohol consumption by the driver and 3.3% of the total crashes involving teens were attributed to alcohol consumption. For Clay County, 2.5% or 28 teens were involved in drinking and driving traffic accidents. This ranked them as number eight for alcohol related teen driving accidents.

If you are going to party, party RESPONSIBLY. Irresponsibility has consequences, often undesirable ones.

Effect of alcohol on the body Edit

  • Impaired judgment is one of the first things to happen after drinking
  • Impairment of reaction time
  • Weaving from side to side; inability to stay on path or road
  • Diminished ability to perceive details in an object in motion (blurry vision)
  • Motor skills are lessened
  • Impairment of processing hazards/info.
  • Limited ability to respond to emergency situations in car
  • Steering, braking, & speed control are also impaired

Alternatives to Partying Edit

On a Friday night you and your friends are trying to find something to do and someone from your school tells you that there is a party going on out at one of your friend’s house. What do you do: take a chance at the party and maybe end up getting busted or worse get in a car wreck that could change your life forever? Well, if you do not want to take those chances, here are just a few suggestions for those of you who would rather be safe than sorry.

  • If you just want to have a relaxing night at home with some friends then hop right over to anyone of the video stores located in your town or near your town and rent some movies. Maybe you’re into video games? Well, most rental places care a variety of video games. Sit around and play Halo on the Xbox or Mario Galaxy on the Wii. Order a couple of pizzas and catch up on the latest gossip from school.
  • Everyday Fun
  • Dinner & movie
  • Dinner & shopping
  • Bowling
  • Skating
  • Running
  • Hanging out at home watching movies
  • Self development