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This bibliography is part of the Divison of African Philosophy.

The bibliography is structured as a list of publications, ordered by author and title. Each entry should contain a link to annother page that contains a description of the publication. In this way, the hypertext medium we are dealing with can be used to full advantage. Pages can be crosslinked, e.g. to indicate who sites whom etc., and pages can be grouped into different overlaping categories. This biography can then form the basis for more reseach.

General Considerations edit

The document description pages should be in Topic namespace. However, it is proposed that Wikiversity creates a special Reference- or ResourceDescriptor-Namespace, since this method might be advantagous for many projects. As long as one is dealing with only a handful of publications, they can simply be listed, but in many cases, the number of publications relevant might be large and Wikiversity should provide a structure for this. We could then have a library consisting of descriptor pages that can be grouped into as many (potentially overlapping) categories as nedessary. In this way, the bibliography started here can be regarded a pilot project for Wikiversity (maybe we need a cross-language "Wikilibrary").

How to build a descriptor page edit

Descriptior pages should include: bibliographical data, links to Wikipedia pages about the authors, lists of main topics (with links to Wikipedia or Wikiversity), an abstract (as unbiased as possible), lists of referenced works (optionally indicating if the author agrees with the cited source or not etc.), reviews (clearly marked as opinion and signed), and information about where to find the work (URLs, URLs of places where the work can be bought, URLs and/or adresses of libraries (or links to Institution/Library descriptor pages). Also, information on where the reference has been taken from should be included. If the author of the descriptor page did not read the work himself but gained Information about its content from another source this should be indicated (such descriptions are better then nothing so they are welcome as long as no other information is available). Incomplete information is better than nothing, so feel free to start with a stub. To name the descriptor page, Create a Topic:-Page and take the name of the author and the title (without the bibliographical information).

The author's names may be either given as last name, first Name or in any other form, since not all African cultures share the European naming system.

Of course, literature in languages other than English should also be referenced here!

The Bibliography edit

Periodicals, Conference Proceedings etc. edit

  • African Studies Quarterly, The Online Journal for African Studies

Primary Publications edit

  • Hountondji, Paulin J.: African philosophy: myth and reality, transl. by Henri Evans with the collab. of Jonathan Ree; introd. by Abiola Irele. - 2nd ed. - Bloomington (etc.): Indiana University Press, cop. 1996. - XXVIII, 221 p. - Original edition: 1983. ISBN 0-253-33229-X ISBN 0-253-21096-8 pbk
  • Summer, Claude: The Source of African Philosophy: the Ethiopian Philosophy of Man, Aethiopistische Forschungen (Ed. Siegbert Uhlig), Vol. 20, 1986, Universität Hamburg, Abteilung Afrikanistik und Äthiopistik
  • Wiredu, Kwasi: Toward Decolonizing African Philosophy And Religion In: African Studies Quarterly, The Online Journal for African Studies, Volume 1, Issue 4, 1998
  • Wiredu, Kwasi: African Philosophical Tradition: A Case Study of the Akan In: The Philosophical Forum, Vol. XXIV, No. 1-3, Fall-Spring, 1992-3, pp. 41 ff.

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