Affiliation Neutral Open Innovation Repository

An Affiliation Neutral Open Innovation Repository (ANOIR) is an Open Innovation Ecosystem, that uses

to Leave no one behind. The Affilation Neutrality is driven by the constraints, that different collaborating institution or agencies in general do not want to share a colloborative effort in one organisational infrastructure. The driving question is:

  • What happens if the institution does not support the joined collaborative effort anymore? Can the other institutions still work on the content? (Licensing of Content)
  • It is possible to migrated the joint repository to another IT infrastructure or is the collaborative effort lost?

The Affiliation Neutrality of an Open Innovation Repository assures that now collaborating institution or organisation gets exclusive ownership to innovation repository.

The Openness of the repository refers to the fact that anyone could join the innovation repository for capacity building and being transparent in the developing process "WHO DID, WHEN WHAT?".

Learning TaskEdit

  • How can be Wikiversity be used as Affiliation Neutral Open Innovation Repository (ANOIR)? Wikiversity is a Capacity Building and Learning environment provide access to all members independent of the decision of one institution to leave the joint effort?
  • The openness allows other institution or just a single person to join the collaborative effort with their expertise! How is this openness be asssured by Wikiversity or other products of the Wiki Foundation?
  • Collaborative efforts can be supported by the discussion page of Wikipedia and Wikiversity pages, but collaboration can be supported by other tools (e.g. video conferencing software, project management tools, ... ) that may be part of an Open Innvoation Ecosystem but not part of the ANOIR. Identify your preferences for tools and environments for collorbative effort you were involved in the past. What are the selected open workflows that can be implemented in Wikiversity and for which workflows did you need other infrastructure and tools you worked with?
  • (Humanitarian Perspective) in commericial environment innovation cannot be shared in general becuase the company might loose the unique selling point. In constrast to commercial environments the humanitarian perspective want to maximize access to innovation repository to improve collaboratively the situation of all collaborative institutes/organisations and communities! Explore the objective of Leave no one behind and explain the impact of affiliation neutrality on member state level of United Nations.

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