Advanced Mechanics of Materials and Applied Elasticity

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Equation of Advanced Mechanics of Materials and Applied Elasticity Edit

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Chapter 1:Analysis of Stress Edit

three-dimensional state of stress Edit


prismatic bars of linearly elastic material Edit

  • axial loading  
  • torsion  
  • bending  
  • shear  
  vertical shear force from bending force.
  moment of inertia about neutral axis(N.A.).
  polar moment of inertia of circular cross section.
  distance from the center of torque to the point.
  first moment about N.A. of the area beyond the point at which \tau_{x,y} is calculated.

thin-walled pressure vessels Edit

  • cylinder  
  • sphere  
  tangential stress in cylinder wall.
  axial stress in cylinder wall.
  membrane stress in sphere wall.
  internal pressure.
  wall thickness.
  mean radius.

axially loaded members Edit






differential equations of equilibrium Edit


plane-stress transformation Edit

(2-dimensional stress, neglect the stress in the z coordinate.)




Stress tensor






principal stresses in plane Edit