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Abstract concept generator is a lecture and an article as part of semantics.

A pod of sperm whales swims off the coast of Mauritius. Credit: Gabriel Barathieu.

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Quiz edit


1 Yes or No, They talk about an abstract concept generator, a generator or generative, which produces some kind of abstract object that represents the maximal content of a whole set of discourse deriving from this concept.


2 True or False, The purpose of a treatment group with respect to an abstract concept generator is to describe natural processes or phenomena for the first time relative to a control group.


3 What is the apparent minimum brain mass subject to interneuronal complexity needed to run the largest animal?

100 gm
200 gm
300 gm
1,000 gm
5,000 gm
9,000 gm

4 True or False, A lexeme is an abstract entity containing sets of word-forms that are stored in the lexicon.


5 Which of the following animals can think and conceive in the abstract?

blue whales
bottle nose dolphins

6 True or False, If humans had a brain mass of 9,000 gms, they'd break their necks.


7 Complete the text:

A proof-of-concept structure, including a control group, consists of

, procedures, findings, and


8 True or False, A pure abstract concept generator involves no doing apart from itself.


9 Complete the text:

A short or

realization of a certain

or idea to

a treament's feasibility with respect to an abstract concept generator is called a proof of


10 True or False, A control group may be used with respect to abstract concept generators to demonstrate no effect or a standard effect versus a novel effort applied to a treatment group.


11 Evidence that demonstrates that a model or idea for an abstract concept generator versus a control group is feasible is called a


12 True or False, A dominant group regarding an abstract concept generator differs from a control group in that it rules the treatment of the control group.


Hypotheses edit

  1. It appears that life forms with central nervous systems of at least 200 gms, or having such complexity are capable of thinking and conceiving in the abstract; i.e., possess an abstract concept generator.

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