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Introduction edit

The following section explains the main attributes of JSON3D4Aframe to construct AR.js objects with more details about the geometric main attributes.

Object Copies/Repetition Coordinate System Water Molecule
Chrystal Lattice for Sodium Clorid
Coordinate System
Water Molecule in Aframe - generated with JSON3D4Aframe

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Attributes for geometrische Primitives edit

Attribute Example  Description / Use Case
ID 813498723492374  Unique identifier for all objects in the 3D scene
Type of Object Sphere Select the type of object from a set of geometric primitives (e.g. Box, Sphere, Text, Torus, ...)
Position XYZ 3.0 -1.0 4.5  Position of Object in the coordinate system
Size XYZ 3.0 2.0 4.0  For a Box the size defines the width, height and depth of the box. For some geometric primitives only one extension is used for 3D object (e.g. Size X is used for radius or a plane has only a width and a height)
Repeat 1 2 0  Defines the number of additional copies (repetitions) of the basic geometric primitives. 0 defines, that there are no additional copies of the geometric primitive (useful for Christal Lattice)
Repeat Steps 1.5 2.0 1.0 Define the vector length in x-, y- and z-direction. If the basic geometric primitive is a sphere, 1.5 marker units to the right the next sphere is place and 2.0 unit up the next sphere is placed.
Color red  color of the geometric primitive. The color is used for all copies of the geometric primitive.
Scale 2.0 scale the size of the geometric primitive. 2.0 double the size of the object.
 Opacity 1.0 a solid object has the opacity value 1.0. Medium transparent object have the opacity value 0.5. To view the 3D structure of the 3D model Opacity value 0.7 is recommended.
Rotation 90 30 0 Defines the rotation in degree around the x-Axis, y-Axis and z-Axis