18th century European scholarly societies and academies/Society of Physicians in London

Name of Society: Society of Physicians in London

Alternate Name(s): Society of London Physicians

Country: England

City: London

Active dates: 1754 - 1793

The Society of Physicians in London existed in the mid 18th century from 1754 to 1793. A physician, John Clephane, is credited with the creation of this particular society. This society was a way for London Physicians to meet together and discuss their case work. This society was an important stepping stone in the course of medical history because it gave physicians an opportunity to all discuss the same case and work out possible causes and solutions of many of the diseases and health concerns they were encountering. It also helped publish a lot of their case studies to better educate future physicians. The Society of Physicians in London's biggest contribution to the medical field however was that a lot of key members from this society went on to help establish to Medical Society of London in 1773.