18th century European scholarly societies and academies/Societa Botanica Fiorentina


Name: Societa Botanica Fiornetina

Alternative Name: Florentine Botanical Society

Country: Italy

City: Florence

Active Dates: 1716-1783

The Societa Botanica Florentina was the first botanical society founded in Europe. The actual garden was established in 1545, but it was under Pier Antonio Micheli in 1716 that the garden performed a greater role in science. Under Micheli, the founder of mycology, (the study of mushrooms) the different species in the garden increased significantly. During this time, most botanists focused on plants that had medicinal purposes. Micheli changed this in the Florentine garden; consequently, these botanicals gained great fame. In 1783, the society joined Accademia del Georgofili which was the first agricultural academy in Europe.


This society never published a journal. The Insitute and Museum of the History of Science provides a brief history of the society.