18th century European scholarly societies and academies/Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester



Name of Society: Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester

Alternate Name(s): Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society, The Lit and Phil

Country: England

City: Manchester

Active dates: 1781-present

The Society was formed on February 28, 1781 and still exists today. In 1799 the Society moved into its purpose built premises at 36 George Street, Manchester, which it occupied until the building was completely destroyed in the Christmas 1940 blitz.

It's objective is "to promote the advancement of education and the widening of public interest in, and appreciation of, any form of literature, science, the arts and public affairs, provided that no activity involving party politics or controversial theology shall be included in the pursuit of these objectives."

The original members of the Society were surgeons, apothecaries and physicians until about 1861 when its membership grew to over 200 members which included engineers, manufacturers, merchants and at the beginning of the 20th century women were admitted to the Society.

The funding for the society is based on the donations of its members.



See official Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society website at: http://www.manlitphil.co.uk/