18th century European scholarly societies and academies/Académie Delphinale



Name of Society: Académie Delphinale

Alternate Name(s): Société Littéraire, Société des Sciences et des Arts de la ville de Grenoble,

Country: France

City: Grenoble

Years Active: 1772-Present

The Académie Delphinale was orginally established in 1772. It was formally approved by Louis XVI in 1780 and became known as the Société Littéraire. However in 1789 it once again changed its name to The Académie Delphinale. The existence of this academy was short lived in the 1700's due to the fact that it like many other academies in France was forced to shut down by the Convention in 1793. The Académie Delphinale came back to existence in 1796 but would not regain the title of Académie Delphinale until 1844.



The main works of this society is entitled "Bulletin de l'Académie Delphinale" and can be located in the French National Catalogue



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