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How to Check Blood Glucose
Congratulations, you have been selected to help develop a web based instruction for diabetic patients. The goal of this lesson is for diabetic patients or those who support them to learn how to safely and correctly check blood glucose.

Students taking this lesson will have already visted a physician and been diagnosed with diabetes. This lesson is intended to enhance and support the training given by professional health care workers and be a part of the patients health maintenance program.

Although there are lots of web based and face to face instruction, this lesson is designed to be short and simple for the newly diagnosed. The main goal for a diabetic is to control their blood glucose in order to avoid complications. The main areas of instruction for this are medication, nutrition and exercise.

Diabetes is a disease that affects each person a little differently, and the best way to tell if the medication, dieting and exercise are working is through blood glucose readings. So this one area of instruction is vital to all three main areas. Most web sites focus on all facets of Diabetes, while this lesson focuses mainly on using a glucose meter.
Senario Activity
Given the "How to Check Blood Glucose" web lesson at this Website, the Writing Learning Objectives Checklist, and the Table of Cognitive Verbs; write at least 2 well formed objectives for this lesson that can answer 90% of the well-written learning objectives checklist

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Given a glucose meter, lancet and pen and test strip, patients will accurately measure their blood glucose level in one minute.

After you have completed your objectives for the senario check the Possible Senario Answers

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