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The Grand Prize for Spring 2017 went to this pdf file, most conveniently read online by clicking here.

Current Showcase 2017-1 UNDER CONSTRUCTIONEdit

Students are making so many contributions that I cannot keep up during the school year. For now, I will just list a few of them:

  1. Special:Permalink/1651364 (by user:w697jms of phy 2400)
  2. Jer_S (Prolific writer of astronomy questions)
  3. Two quick questions "hot off the press
  4. User:W380awn one of the few in the calculus physics course to use the wiki

Previous semestersEdit

    Student projects completed in the fall of 2016 is an impressive student effort, considering that the project was worth only 5% of the grade, and that only about 4 hours of effort was expected. As the semester progressed, we realized that wright.miraheze.org allows students receive grades for individual efforts that cannot be seen by other students working on similar projects. Adding to this grade incentive, student efforts under a Creative Commons license might someday become a routine part of a graduating student's resume, allowing scholars to establish reputations early in their careers.

In the future, projects will be worth at least 17% of the grade, and outstanding efforts it might be worth as much as 34% of the grade.

About the showcaseEdit

In many respects Showcase is an evolution of the Second Journal of Science, which is the old name for the WikiJournal of Science. Both are designed to highlight quality and individual efforts using documents written in wikitext. For discussions on why this is important, see Why_this_journal_was_created. The ultimate goal is to promote the idea that wikitext can be used to both create course content (including exams), as well as allow students to establish reputations as scholars well before they have achieved a college degree.

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