Wright State University Lake Campus/2017-9/Phy1110

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  • Important: We need to schedule:
Two hours of lab for each student (different days for different folks is fine with me)
Three hours of lecture (when everybody is available)
  • Mon: 9-10 is Lecture. And 10-11 is Lec/lab[1]
  • Wed: 9-10 lec and 11-12 Lecture. But 10-11 is Lab/Lecture.
  • Fri:9-10 Lab

User:Guy vandegrift/T/Schedule

  1. Lec/lab is more likely to be lecture, while lab/lec emphasizes lab.*Friday: Three must miss; *Mondays and Wednesays: One/two 10-1130 (Only one misses Monday at this time)