Wright State University Lake Campus/2016-1/Phy1120/log

First assignment due Friday 15 January

  • Do the first activity from wikiedu.org dashboard (be sure to do it from there so I can verify whether the system reports it to me).

1/11 Mon First day edit

  • place picture on your user page.
  • Assigned First assignment due Friday 15 January

1/13 Wed edit

  • Let's do the first activity:
Half the class goes through w:Wikipedia:Wiki_Ed/Wright_State_University/Introduction_to_Astronomy_(Spring_2016) and then the "Dashboard" at the top.
Half the class attempts to go directly to the external link wikiedu.org-Intro...Astro...(Spring_2016)
  • Past a thumbnail picture onto your user page and paste on your your user page and paste a 100px copy on the roster.

1/20 Wed 2 important projects edit

  • Conceptual quizzes for phys 1120 Stat here:

what is light?

  • travels through vacuum
  • carries energy
  • In vacuum it travels at a speed of c≈ 3x108 m/s.
    • Neither inergy nor information can tarvel faster thjan c.
  • In Maxwell's classical theory of electromagnetism, light is a propagating and timevarying fluctuation of electric and magnetic fields.

1/20 effort to define field edit

Using html tag edit

each field contains certain proterties that have similar effects.

  • A field is a function, usually of two or more variables, but traditionally not more than four. the simplest field is a function of spatial dimensions x, and y. For example, altitude avove sea level = h(x,y) is a field.
  • Another field surfact tempertature T(x,y) within, a state in the USA.

A gravitational field is a function of 3 dimensiona, and it is a vector field. To good approximation within a small region where x,y coordinates are Cartesian. g = g(z) where vector g poind downs with a magnitude of 9.8m/s/s near z = 0 altitude, and decreases slightly as you go above sea level.

  • What do I need to know in order to calcuate the acceleration of a particle due to a known electric field?

Feb 17 Lab writup edit

Start Harry and Sally activity edit

will finish next week