Work-Based Learning

This unit provides opportunities for students to develop skills, knowledge and new learning outcomes relative to their professional skill base and to use these skills to enhance workplace competency.


a) To undertake/develop techniques in relation to specialist practices in Environmental Management

b) To explore new learning opportunities and capitalise on their strengths

c) To develop specified areas of professional theory and practice

d) To develop group working and collaborative skills; EMP

Unit Learning OutcomesEdit

On successful completion of the unit students should be able, at M level, to:

1. Interpret, analyse and explain data, information techniques and theories relating to environmental management.[]

2. Demonstrate a capacity for independent judgement, critical reasoning and the development of reflective skills.

3. Appraise and critically interpret techniques and methodologies related to environmental management.

4. Select and recommend a range of techniques appropriate to your data collection, analysis and implementation.

Evidence you will provideEdit

1. A work-based project and amastery of concepts and strategies appropriate to your project.

2. The capability to develop, evaluate and analyse such concepts, theories and models and provide innovative responses to complex and unpredictable situations.

3. An ability to manage dilemmas and value-conflicts and find ways forward in problematic situations.

4. Dealing with issues beyond the immediate area of practice, and take a critical approach to the thinking and assumptions that are being used.

5. Good project management making use of practical, methodologically sound research that contributes to the learning outcomes and/or your organisation’s business.

Reflective Learning ReportEdit

Make use of your online portfolio on WEB Victory.