Wisdom/Wisdom assessment form

Wisdom Assessment edit

This form is based on the specific character traits identified as important in the section on Personal Aspects of Wisdom. Use this form to assess the wisdom of each candidate, adjusted to the requirements of the position.

Character Trait Importance Candidate 1 Candidate 2 Candidate 3
1, 3, or 9 Raw Weighted Raw Weighted Raw Weighted
Good judgment
Insight into significance and meaning
Ability to deal with complex problems
Virtuous character
Relativistic thinking
Dialectical thinking, critical thinking
Knowledge of limits, humility
Comfort with uncertainty & ambiguity
Broad & deep knowledge and experience
Social skills
Benevolence, empathy, compassion, generativity

Instructions: edit

  1. Assign an importance to each characteristic for the role this person will fill. Use 1 for low, 3 for medium, or 9 for high. For example, if you are hiring a hospice nurse, you might rate Benevolence, empathy, compassion, generativity high. For a soldier, perhaps Self-control is rated high. For an engineer, Intelligence is important. It may be helpful to begin by identifying one or two characteristics that are especially important to this selection and assigning them a 9. Then identify one or two that are distinctly less important and assign them each a 1. Complete the form by assigning a weight of 3 to the remaining characteristics.
  2. Score each candidate (in the raw column) on the extent to which they demonstrate each characteristic. Use 1 for low, 3 for medium, or 9 for high. Add columns if more than 3 candidates are being considered
  3. Multiply the importance of each characteristic times the raw score to get the corresponding weighted score for each row and for each candidate.
  4. Total the columns. The higher score favors the candidate who is more wise. In some cases a particular characteristic is essential to the assignment. For example, virtuous character may be essential when choosing a business partner. In that case, the score on that particular virtue is paramount, and the total is less important.
  5. Print this out or create your own form for your use. The "Download as PDF" or "Printable version" feature under the "Print/Export" menu to the left can help create a useful form for your use.

Please do not fill out this on-line form for your assessment. Print out a copy for your use to preserve this on-line copy for others to copy and use.