Wireshark is a free and open source packet analyzer used for network troubleshooting and analysis. These activities will show you how to stop a Wireshark capture.


  1. Wireshark: User's Guide


To prepare for this activity:

  1. Start Windows.
  2. Log in if necessary.
  3. Install Wireshark.
  4. Start a Wireshark capture.

Activity 1 - Stop a Wireshark CaptureEdit

Three different methods for stopping a Wireshark capture are available. These include the Capture menu, the Stop Capture toolbar button, and the Stop Capture keyboard shortcut.

Method 1 - Capture MenuEdit

To stop a Wireshark capture using the Capture menu:

  1. Select the Capture menu.
  2. Select Stop.

Method 2 - Stop Capture Toolbar ButtonEdit

To stop a Wireshark capture using the Stop Capture toolbar button:

  1. Locate the toolbar button with the help text Stop the running live capture. This should be the fourth toolbar button from the left.
  2. Click the Stop Capture toolbar button.

Method 3 - Stop Capture Keyboard ShortcutEdit

To stop a Wireshark capture using the Stop Capture keyboard shortcut:

  1. Press <Ctrl> + E.