Tesla wireless coil transmitter
Wardenclyffe Tower Long Island

Problem edit

Tesla transmitted power wirelessly before Edison's distribution system of power existed. Why aren't we doing this today? What is all this zero point free energy stuff? It works because cell phone/tablets can be recharged wirelessly. Is there a conspiracy? Answer these questions.

Conceive edit

Duplicate wireless delivery of energy to drive a light bulb or charge a cell phone in a manner similar to existing shipping products.

Demonstrate wireless energy transfer, show it's flaws.

Find local utility/county/state laws that reference free energy or illegal connections to the grid.

Build simple device that runs on free energy and explain how it works.

Design edit

Find the Qi standard and review it technically.

Existing designs
Design Starting points in Lab
Energy from hot and cold water

Video using Peltier Module and the Seebeck Effect.

Motor running off static near field


Implement edit

Operate edit

Develop a demon that others can use to talk about this in a variety of settings.

Demo edit

Next Steps edit

  • Reverse engineer and document device made from disk eraser
  • purchase some Qi devices and reverse engineer
  • wikipedia summary ... Shrink existing theory to a sound byte
  • follow instructable HCC ID badge scanner hack
  • build free energy device from some youtube or other internet site and explain how it works/doesn't work
  • put together a history of far field transmission
  • estimate local free energy available from radio and tv stations in local area using FCC maps and station transmitter sizes
  • go through Youtube free energy video's and estimate power received
  • Summarize High-Voltage Power Line Saftey