Wikiworld: Political Economy and the Promise of Participatory Media edit

"In the digital world of learning there is a progressive transformation from the institutionalized and individualized forms of learning to open learning and collaboration. The book provides a critical view on the use of new technologies and learning practices in furthering socially just futures, while at the same time paying critical attention to the constants, or “unmoved movers” of the information society development; the West and Capitalism. The essential issue in the Wikiworld is one of freedom – levels and kinds of freedom. Our message is clear: we write for the radical openness of education for all." -- Juha Suoranta & Tere Vadén

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Type: Book

Language: English

Publisher: Paulo Freire Research Center, Finland. ( and Open Source Research Group, (, Hypermedialab, University of Tampere, Finland, 2008.



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Introduction 1

A Critical Paradigm of Education 7

Digital Literacy and Political Economy 31

Radical Monopolies 55

The World Divided in Two 79

Edutopias and Active Citizenship 121

Stages of Freedom: from Social to Socialist Media 151

Conclusion 181

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