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This project encourages Wikiversity participants to create songs on a theme. One or more of these creations could be included in "Wikiversity the Movie" as an illustration of an interesting type of learning project at Wikiversity.

What the song theme is about edit

This music project is concerned with making new songs about Wikipedia editors who have (often for years) been self-styled "cops" at Wikipedia. What happens when such editors come to Wikiversity and Wikiversity participants try to deal with them?

John's draft edit

  • ABC (song) - I use the song "ABC", and substitute "SLP" for "ABC"

SLP edit

BLP has a whale of a problem. Something is fishy.

Title: SLP
Composer: Michael Jackson and JWSurf
Artist: JWSurf
Midi: ABC (Michael Jackson)

You came to Wikiversity to learn, right
things you never learned before...
like, wtf! No RFCs!? ...
and why banned Wikipedians
are made welcome here

Now I’m gonna teach you... all about wiki…
you know, wiki
first register an account and
then all you gotta do is repeat:

easy as...
1 2 3
or simple as...
do re mi
abc, 1 2 3, we will see!
its easy as...
Learning P
here's a simple fact:
its an "L Project"
SLP, 1 2 3, now we'll see!

come on, let me teach you just a little bit!
come on, collaborate just a little bit!
I’m a going to help you figure it out!
come on, come one, come on
Let me show you what it’s all about!

Reading, editing and discussing
Are the branches of the wiki tree
but without the roots of scholarly ethics
your education's still the pits!

teacher’s gonna show you
show you, show you
how to get an A!

spell me you
add the two!
that’s all you gotta do!

easy as...
1 2 3
or simple as...
do re mi
abc, 1 2 3, we will see!
its easy as...
respecting L People
it's simple:
you're hurting a Living P
SLP, 1 2 3, now we'll see!

1) cite your sources
2) no slanderous OR
3) listen to complaints
Now show me what you can do!

That’s how easy wiki can be.
SLP, it’s easy

Easy as 1 2 3
counting up to 3
Or simple as do re mi
Sing a simple melody
that’s how easy wiki can be!

CopyClef 2008 Michael Jackson and JWSurf. All wrongs reversed.

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