Wikiversity:Wikiversity the Movie/Interviews

This is a simple plan with quick turnaround. Interview different groups ("bricks and mortar" university students, Wikimedians, ...) from around the world after telling them about Wikiversity.

Interview Statements/Questions edit

General edit

  • S. Wikiveristy is Free
  • S. Wikiversity is World Wide

School/university related edit

  • Q. How much do you pay for school?
  • Q. What is your loan?
  • Q. How long will it take you to pay it off?
  • Q. What are the skills *your* college has given you to take to an employer?

What do we have already ? edit

Reactions edit

Video shooters will need a simple release form to show a person's image in the Wikiversity Film, and these can be found on various indy film sites.