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What is Wikiversity ethicsEdit

Ethics is the philosophical and moral structure built around appropriate action. By establishing a set of "core values", or abstract principles that one feels is important to living, humans are able to apply those core values to various aspects of their lives. Some theorists create ethical systems in which they give some values a higher weight than others based on what effects these values are capable of producing.

Wikiversity is a community of humans trying to interact with each other. Each member here is their own individual person, and each member is affected by the overall community in some regard. Thus, Wikiversity has its own ethical system based on agreement between its users and intended for the betterment of the community. This project is intended as an analysis of that system in order to promote understanding of the basic principles of Wikiversity and to promote their good practices.

For this project, there will be three kinds of pages:

  • Analysis and discussion of the core values of Wikiversity.
  • Analysis and discussion of the application of the core values of Wikiversity with emphasis on their impact on both the community as a whole and the emotion/psyche of Wikiversity users.
  • Self writing attempts to craft appropriate messages, responses, essays, and other documents that attempt to conform to these core values.

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