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The Wikiversity Law Reports are a research project aimed at producing a series of freely-licensed headnotes on court decisions, as an alternative to subscription-based commercial law reports and citators, without unnecessarily duplicating existing freely-available resources such as AUSTLII and BAILII.


Please add ideas for improving the reports.

  • Reports could include keywords, as a series of topics separated by dashes, progressing from general to specific, the last of which is an issue for the court to resolve e.g.:
    • income tax (Commonwealth of Australia)general deductionsself-education expensescourse of study a requirement for receiving assessable government allowancewhether incurred in gaining or producing assessable incomeyes.
  • ...
Educational level: this is a research resource.

Each report should consist of:


The name of the case and its citation in the relevant series of official law reports e.g. Commissioner of Taxation v Anstis (2010) 241 CLR 443.


A one or two sentence summary of the case, suitable for putting in parenthesis after a reference to the case e.g. self-education expenses are deductible where the course of education is a condition of receiving an assessable government payment such as Youth Allowance.

Court and names of judges

A one to two paragraph summary of the material facts in the case.


The main findings of fact or law (specifying which judges, if not all, agreed with which propositions).


An optional one-paragraph summary of the arguments made by the parties before the court.


An optional summary of no more than two paragraphs outlining divergent or controversial views on the meaning of the case e.g. if there is debate over whether a particular holding was ratio or obiter. It should include hyperlinks to other pages that contain more details.


A list of citations, including official, unofficial and medium-neutral citations hyperlinked to the full reports published by free citators like AUSTLII and BAILII etc. Wikiversity Law Reports should not contain the text of the decision. If it exists, there should also be a link to the text of the decision at Wikisource.

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