Search for Readability on Wikipedia.

Basic truths of readability edit

  • People tend to give up when you try to cram 40 specific instructions in their head, but usually do well with two or three main ideas.
  • We already have Wikipedia, Wikibooks, and various other websites and books which have gone into details.
  • It's not useful to reinvent the wheel.
  • It is useful to improve the wheel by surveying the field to figure out how other peoples' interpretation of the wheel can be more useful.
  • Unless your reader understands why you're right, you're not right.
  • Often, when a person sees a very large Wikipedia page, they'll end up reading less than if it was shorter.

The ideal format of a Wikiversity page edit

  • Simple
    • Short (Less than about 6 screen lengths per wiki page)
    • Does not go too far into details (Links to details)
    • Doesn't require a major time investment to get what you want
  • Useful
    • Fulfills a need or want
    • Is an original work
  • Cool
    • Looks good
    • Delivers information in a new and interesting way

How to achieve this edit

  1. Check Google, Wikipedia, Wikiversity, and Wikibooks for information related to your topic
  2. Skim through the available data, or truly read them if at all possible
  3. Decide what the major themes of the topic are
  4. Plan how to simply, effectively communicate only the important details, and where to link to specific details if the reader desires them