This page is initally a brainstorm of the implications of and issues involved in publishing a paper on Wikiversity. (Please edit any errors on this page, and/or add any comments, suggestions, or questions you have.)

One major question that this page aims to address is: "What limitations (if any) does publishing on Wikiversity impose on further use, by the author, of their work?"

GFDL and author's rights edit

If you are the author of a work, you have the copyright of that work - writing an article on Wikiversity does not change that fact. However, adding content to Wikiversity means that you license this work under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 and GFDL license. This means that you give other people the right to use and redistribute copies of this work under the terms of that license. But you still own the copyright to that work.

Reuse of work edit

Question: If you want to submit the paper to a journal - does the journal have to publish the paper under the terms of the license, or can you relicense the work for another use?

Benefits of publishing on Wikiversity edit

  • Wide audience
  • Research community "in situ" to give critical feedback
  • Open access - no journal subscriptions required to read your paper

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