"Playspace" is a user space place to hold files created by other users, often IP users, that are inappropriate for mainspace because of being out-of-scope, nonsense, or the like. Any user may decide to allow such files to "live" in their own user space, which then can make Wikiversity a friendlier place, especially for kids, but also for adults and others who might want to "play," by themselves or with others, or try out ideas in a more permanent way than Wikiversity:Sandbox.

It is recommended that any user hosting such files watch them, and we can cooperate in this here, sharing in the labor involved or dividing it up. These sandbox pages should not be allowed to contain offensive material or apparent copyright violation, but generally the remedy would be to delete problem material from the pages, not to delete the pages themselves.

Playspace management should be kid-friendly and newbie-friendly. We should always try to encourage and guide good behavior, and should exemplify the welcoming treatment that we would ourselves appreciate if we come into a new environment and accidentally -- or even playfully -- break rules.

Volunteers edit

Please add your user name and any established playspace you are willing to monitor here. Please bold the name of a sandbox space where you are willing to allow other users to place files that might otherwise face deletion.