The abbreviation "POV" is short for "Point of View", and is a topic that helps determine what sort of content is allowed on Wikimedia projects. Wikiversity has an approach that differs from the strict NPOV (Neutral Point of View) of many other Wikimedia projects. There is a proposed policy that, if approved, will allow multiple points of view to flourish on Wikiversity.

To help users to understand the educational biases of a given learning plan, a number of "recognized" points of view are listed below. If you need to create a new point of view, follow the steps in the "How to add a POV" section to make sure the system recognizes it.

Recognized POV's Edit

How to add a POV Edit

The following instructions will help you add a new point of view to the system:

  1. Make sure that an equivalent point of view is not already listed above.
  2. Create a new page to represent the new POV.
    • The POV should be a subpage of this page (ex: "Wikiversity:POV/Insert new pov name here")
    • Make sure to create a link to the new POV page in the section above.
    • the POV page should give a brief description of the POV.
  3. The Disclosures template needs to be updated to recognize the new POV.
    • Edit the Disclosures/POV page, adding the following line:
      | (POV name) = (POV page name)
      | Creationist = Wikiversity:POV/Creationist
    • Test out the new POV by including the following template on a page, or in a sandbox:
      {{Disclosures|(POV name)|}}

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