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This page discusses referring to Wikiversity as a multiversity.

Scholars do more than teach and learn. Scholar teach, learn, research, serve and play. To embrace this holistic nature of scholarship, we should use the term university or multiversity in our mission statement and other introductory pages.

Wikiversity could take ownership of the implications of its name and the creative members of the community who vision Wikiversity as a university by exploring various meanings and derivations of university. Many scholars could join in this project.

The concept "multiversity" allows more than one university to grow within the Wikiversity space. There can be a learning project university here and that can grow first. But there is so much more than can happen. An online community of independent scholarship networks university can grow here. There can be a development service university here. An interface amongst wiki-literate groups in many academic communities, universities, and associations can evolve here.

Calling it a multiversity doesn't mean that degree granting mechanisms have to be put in place. That can be in abeyance. The change from university to multiversity allows us to reconceptualize what is a university and bring free culture efforts in learning, research/discovery, and service amongst many communities into focus.

I think this community could greatly benefit and advance by dropping Wikiversity is not a university as a concept (and this limit is not in the scope statement of the approval--just not granting degrees is) and embrace Wikiversity, appropriately for the vision and possibility of wikiversity, as a multiversity.

See Wikiversity talk:Multiversity for discussion.

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