Wikiversity:Language policy

Wikimedia wikis are organized by language. To see available Wikiversity languages, visit meta:Wikiversity. Additional languages are supported at Wikiversity Beta.

Contributions to the English Wikiversity must be in English, unless teaching another language to English-speaking learners. There is a {{Translations}} template available that allows for translations of English content to other languages to be added as subpages. There is no automatic translation, but translated-language subpages may be added as desired.

Multilingual Pages edit

Some learning resources need to be multilingual.

Care must be taken when deciding whether to provide a translation/localisation of a page or of a course etc.

If translations of a page are appropriate, {{Translations}} may be useful.

Otherwise consider creating the course on the appropriate Wikiversity site such as:

and cross reference - e.g. on the English page for School:Mathematics insert


(etc. if it exists in other languages) which will add a link at the bottom of the left panel on a Wikiversity page.

Translation/Language Templates edit

Language-related Tutorials edit