Getting a degree

Note: Wikiversity does not confer degrees. But it can help you get a degree.

How Wikiversity can help you edit

Wikiversity can help you connect to other students and teachers.

There is more than enough open courseware and material online and distance learning infrastructure so that someone can be able to get an accredited degree. The trick is organizing the material.

Goal of degree plans edit

  • They get you an accredited, academically respected degree at the end
  • The degree plans must be *open* and *flexible*. It should be possible for a student to take a degree plan and change it to meet their requirements. The degree plans must also not have any admission requirements. There should be no gatekeepers.
  • The open architecture nature of Wikiversity is what should make it attractive and cheaper. You can and should swap in and out degree components.

Components of a degree program edit

  • Formal book learning. This is the easiest part to provide on the Internet.
  • Hands-on training. If you want to be a brain surgeon or physicist, you need hands-on training. The degree plan should include ways of getting this hands-on training.
  • Social networks. This is the most important part of the degree program. The student needs to have access to a rich set of social relations. This is the part that wikiversity can provide.
  • Academic support. This includes things like financial aid, student health counseling, academic advising, career services.

Types of assessment edit

There are a variety of ways to receive college-level credits through open learning and assessment including:

  • Prior learning assessment and recognition (PLA, PLAR)
  • Portfolio based assessment
  • Exam based (CLEP)

Bachelors edit

The following are accredited schools in the United States that will provide credit for open learning materials

The challenge is to organize the material online so that it fits into the curriculum guidelines of these universities.

Just some theory to grant degrees you need

  • book learning - this is the easy part. all of the stuff is already out there.
  • experiential learning - this is the harder part, but it can be gotten through internships and the like
  • social networks - You need to be interacting with other students, teachers, and constantly talking with them. Creating and organizing these networks is the crucial missing piece that the wiki provides.

Masters edit

Doctoral edit

The word "doctor" is derived from the Latin language and means "Teacher". Doctoral degrees are to be earned while studying and conducting research in a university and have persisted as such for over a thousand years.

A doctoral degree is the highest degree offered by a university alone of any post-doctoral degrees which consist of further research in the Doctor's field.