Wikiversity:Civility/Extension 0.2

Extension to civility policy: mentioning people


Focus on learning resources and the fulfillment of Wikiversity's mission, rather than talking about other people. Focusing on people can create a negative atmosphere, reflect badly on Wikiversity and you, and create the wrong impression, even if this was not your intention. Always focus on what was contributed or done that you liked or didn't like, rather than on people. Criticism of learning resources outside of talk pages and other discussion areas (like Wikiversity:Participants) is an inappropriate use of Wikiversity.

You can help maintain civility by removing inappropriate criticisms of people, such as criticisms of a person's character. Pages which serve no other purpose than to criticize a person, rather than their contributions, actions or behavior, can be deleted if approved with a quick discussion at Wikiversity:Requests for Deletion. In cases where criticisms of people were made before this extension came into force, efforts should be made to remove these inappropriate criticisms within a reasonable time frame.

Wikilawyering around this provision by making indirect references (like "the editor", "the person" or "he who should not be named") or generalizations (like name calling or labeling people) is not acceptable. This provision should also not be used to justify removing criticisms of learning resources and Wikiversity's mission, which is an appropriate use of Wikiversity, or used to justify or protect against appropriate criticisms of incivility.