Group C - Barcode recognition under resource limitations edit

NOTE NOTE final exam/evaluation on June 21st. This page will be updated thereafter, and thereby include the lessons learned from the feedback. NOTE NOTE

Morten Okholm, Troels Nielsen and Søren Krabbe.

Currently the project is addressing two problems:

a) Is it realistic to do content-filtering on a stream of images in real time under heavy resource limitations?

b) How resource intensive is recognition of formal and known patterns in single images?

For more info, check out our module 'GroupC' from the project 'wsis':

svn co

The unfinished article: Documents\Working\Article\VSIS_article_groupC.[pdf|tex]

Java code is in: Java\Barcode_Recognition

Currently we're experimenting quite a lot with our Java code, so it's not runnable on JOP and it might seem a bit messy - sorry.

If you just want it running, run.bat in the Java folder could very well be your friend:

run pc will process all images found in the folder 'Testimages' and print the results

run jop will try (and succeed!) to recognize a simple hardcoded imageline. Not much fun at the moment!