Wikipedia service-learning courses/101

Creating content in Wikimedia projects (articles, textbooks, learning projects) involves writing wiki hypertext.

Therefore, it is a good manner to get aquainted with the rules and to develop your skills.

Wiki Editing edit

Wikipedias Wikipedia:Tutorial gives an nice overview.

Skim through the following pages. You will probably coming back to these pages when writing content.

Concept questions

  • Why is it good to give ft <fulltext of your changes> in the summary field?

Assignment edit

Congratulations! You have an overview of the basics of creating wiki content. So you can start to create your first page.

If you do not have done so already, please create an account, log in, and come back to this page.

A click on the following link lets you create a subpage named My first page on your user page (you create it by clicking then on "Start the … page"). Open this new page in a new browser window, so that you can read this learning project and edit your new page at the same time. On this new page, create content about anything you like. You could describe how you found out about Wikiversity and what you expect to learn here. Use headings, lists and other formattings. Link back to this article.

Style of Articles edit

There is a wealth of information, especially in Wikipedia. Do not be afraid. Do not spent too much time with reading. Try to pick up the most important things at the beginning and the end of the pages and try to remember what else is there. So you can come back to it, when you are actually writing and policies are covered in more detail in a later course (Wikipedia_service-learning_courses/110#Policies)

Concept questions

English Language edit

For improving your English you can explore the Department of English as a second language

You can post questions about English grammar and usage at Wikipedia's language and grammar desk.

The following sections introduce you to several more advanced concepts that you should been aware of.

Images edit

How do I link to images?

How are floating images positioned with the text?

How do I upload an image?

  • Create the link to the (not yet uploaded) image with specifying the intended image name.
    • e.g. [[Image:Tk_train.jpg|right]]
  • The link appears in red, the same as an non-existent page
  • When you click on this link, you are guided to upload the image.

More details of preparing images and using Wikimedia Commons are delt with in a later course.

  1. Edit your My first page to display the Wikiversity logo (Wikiversity-logo.svg), scaled to 200 pixels.
  2. Add a new picture, that you upload to Wikiversity. Experiment with different positionings of text and the image.

Tables edit

How can I create tables in wiki syntax?

  1. Take notice of tables and their formatting when you are browsing mediawiki pages. Inspect the source code (via edit page) to learn how others have formatted tables.
  2. Edit your My first page to include a simple table. You make take some time to experiment with different formattings.

Namespaces edit

Subpages edit

What is a subpage?

  • Subpages explained on Meta

Do you have an example?

Where are subpages used most often?

Interlanguage and interwiki links edit

How can I link to pages the same wikimedia project in another language?

How can I link to other wikimedia projects?

What are the prefixes and shortcuts for the Wikimedia sister projects?

How can I avoid that the prefix is displayed in the link?

  • This is called the pipe trick: add a pipe "|" at the end of the link
  • example: [[wikibooks:Main Page|]]: Main Page

How can someone running an own Mediawiki setup the prefixes?

  1. Edit your My first page to add some links to articles in the Wikimedia sister projects
  2. Edit your My first page to add some links to articles of wikiversity in another language.

Final assignment edit

Where to go from here edit