What is Energy?

There are several types of energy. Human energy. Fuel energy such as gasoline or biofuels. We can all understand electric energy that is running your PC right now.

Which types of energy do we want to teach about?

What types of energy do people want to learn about?

Energy development, or methods of producing electricity and power is our greatest challenge currently. More specifically sustainable energy is currently incapable of meeting the basics of expected energy levels for refrigeration, heat and air, lights etc. due primarily to poor battery capabilities.

High cost of initial per watt investments as well as the learning curve to operate alternative energy sources continues to be a challenge to realizing true solutions to our current energy challenges.

Unlike traditional grid based electrical systems you cannot simply flip a switch and forget about your energy with alternative energy such as solar.

Human energy, or the energy expended by people in order to achieve a certain goal or operation is also an area that needs to be evaluated. I.E. how do we reduce the amount of physical energy required in order to achieve certain goals. For example can we take people who have lower amounts of energy due to health or age and still achieve a certain level of production from them? Whether it be in the area of teaching or physical production. However there exists the potential to utilize the natural energy of the body to create electricity usable for our alternative electrical needs?

Overall this and other wikis could use some specific definitions to guide people to create worthwhile content development.