Wiki Campus Radio/Active audio stream/31-10

The Actual playlist edit

First figure is Schedule runtime, second number is file length (Both are HH:MM:SS)

Link from network/ standard rotational (at Oct 31st 2008 00:00 UTC edit

This is played when the stream switches from the normal Rotational to the Halloween one.

Halloween rotational edit

This is an approximately 6 hour 52 minute rotational loop...

Playout to Rotational (at roughly 00:00 Nov 1st(local time) edit

This is the playout, used at the end of a playlist, and return to a standard rotational).

  • 00:00:35 Image:End Halloween sound bite.OGG "Wiki Campus Radio has now reached the end of it's Halloween Special, We thank you for listening, and would like to thank all the contributors who have made this possible. Wiki Campus Radio hopes you have enjoyed the programming. If you have comments or feedback please visit wikiversity dot org."
  • ? <To rotational>