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Playlist for material to air around Armistice/Veterans Day edit

Important Owing to the complexities that have arisen in confirming the status of works in relation to this, it is unlikely that the planned play-list will air this year, development work can however continue.

(For sensitivity reasons this cannot actually air on Armistice/Vetrans Day Nov 11th(Tuesday) or Nov 16th (Sunday) but at some time during that period..)

From network edit

Rotational (General idea) edit

"* <Continuity - Editorial> : " The material presented in the playlist, is an attempt by Wiki Campus Radio, in conjunction with other projects and contributors, to present a collection of material, representative and respectful of content and issues surrounding The Great War of 1914-1918 (and other military conflicts more generally).

Because the issue of The Great War and military conflicts remain a sensitive issue for many (including contributors), care was taken in trying to present an appropriate collection of material respectfully. For this reason, the choice of content presented may appear to have an unintended bias or prove controversial to some.

It should also be noted that some material commonly associated with similar programming by other broadcasters could not be included for copyright reasons.

In presenting the material included, WikiCast hopes that the material presented , as well as contextually appropriate. <insert Note about contact details here?> "

  • A general summary of the relevant History (ideally this should be presented in an NPOV manner) but should not nessacrily downplay

anything provided it remains respectful.

  • A selection of War Poets - (If needed some semi religous works could be used to intersperse these)

(NB At some point suitable National Anthems may be included... If they can be found)

  • Appropriate music of the period.(This can include patriotic tunes if relevant).

To Network edit

  • The playout to network, ideally should be a respectful one, encouraging listeners to pause for thought about the issues

raised in the programming