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Virus are the invaders that need a host in order to survive. They are either made of DNA or RNA, when they get inside the human body, they attack the genetic information of the cell and force it to make many copies of virus. They may destroy the whole cell when they are about to leave or else they may add some of it glycoprotein that can form spikes outside their surface. Viruses are different because others may be not be able to transform tissues of the body meaning that they causes mutation. Zwelihle2015, 20 January 2015

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...that the ideal virus is such, which makes cells convey the virus genetic code to their offspring via existing genetic mechanisms, so that brood does not need to be reinfected, but could be born with that genetic code. Karin Mölling sticks to such opinion (in her book[1]), hypothesizing that great parts of human DNA are residues of ancient viruses, and implying that evoking diseases and killing humans by viruses is a side effect in evolution.

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