What Matters/link following guidelines


Text appearing in blue[1] includes links (called hyperlinks) to further information. These links can be followed by clicking on the text. Some links are to material that forms the next lesson in the course. It is essential to follow these links to complete the course. Other links expand (often in considerable depth) on some of the concepts mentioned in the course, and need only be followed if you are interested in studying such supplementary information.

These guidelines will help you decide when to follow a link, and when not to.

  1. The Wikiversity logo is displayed in the upper left-hand corner of each page within Wikiversity. The title of each page in this course will begin with the title of the course. Use these markers to determine if you are currently exploring within the content of this course, within Wikiversity, or outside of those areas.
  2. Links within Wikiversity are a slightly darker blue than those that link to Wikipedia. It may be helpful to notice that slight difference.
  3. To complete the content of this course it is important to follow each link that leads to materials in this course (i.e. the pages listed in the navigation panel at the bottom of each page). Those pages include the Wikiversity logo and the course title at the top of each page. You might also find it helpful to notice the address of the link that appears along the bottom left-hand margin of the page as you hover over the link. You can look at that address to help you decide before you leap into each link.
  4. Some topics in this course assign the student to complete other Wikiversity courses. Follow the links within those courses to complete them.
  5. Many other links, often to Wikipedia articles and sometimes to other sites, are included to make it easy for you to explore any of these topics in more depth. None of these links need to be explored to complete the course, however they provide additional information you may be interested in. Explore these as you wish to balance your curiosity and available time. Skip these to stay more focused on the course materials.
  6. There is often a navigation box at the bottom of the pages of the course. These can help move to the next topic, or return to the course main page.


  1. Although blue is the default, the actual color assigned to hyperlinks may vary according to the particular browser being used, and options that may have been chosen.