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What Matters / Global Goals CorrespondenceEdit

World leaders have recently committed to achieving 17 specific global goals. This chart illustrates the correspondence between those goals and the what matters topics.

What Matters Global Goal
Physiological Needs 1) No Poverty, 2) Zero Hunger, 6) Clean water and sanitation
Human Rights Most Global Goals and especially: 5) Gender Equality, 10) Reduced inequalities.
Psychological Needs
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Global goals form the foundation.
Dignity All global goals contribute to dignity.
Health, Fitness, and Wellness 3) Good health and well-being
Flourishing Global goals provide the space required for flourishing.
Emotional Competency
Family 5) Gender Equality
Progeny and Legacy
Peace of mind, Inner Peace Global goals provide the space required for Inner Peace.
Beauty, awe
Exploration, discovery, learning 4) Quality Education
Virtues Development
Spiritual Development
Skills Mastery 4) Quality Education
Esteem and Recognition 10) Reduced inequalities
Creativity 9) Industry, innovation and infrastructure
Stewardship and Sustainability 7) Affordable and clean energy, 11) Sustainable cities and communities, 12) Responsible consumption and production, 13) Climate Action, 14) Life below water, 15) Life on land
Compassion 10) Reduced inequalities
Values Development
Community 10) Reduced inequalities, 11) Sustainable cities and communities
Adopt a Global Perspective Address these Global Goals
Find your good work 8) Decent work and economic growth.
Altruism 17) Partnerships for the goals.
Peace on earth, good will toward all 16) Peace and Justice, strong institutions.
Wisdom The global goals are chosen wisely.