Let your imagination soar!

We may never know when the first person dreamed of traveling to the moon, but dreaming of the adventure was the first step toward making it happen. The famous articulation of that dream, expressed as a specific national goal by President John F. Kennedy focused the efforts of a nation on making it happen. Then Martin Luther King, Jr. inspired millions to improve civil rights throughout the United States when he famously declared “I Have a Dream” as he shared his bold and vivid vision of a better future.

Create and maintain your vision for a better tomorrow. Maintain a positive outlook.



What is your dream?

  • Write a (fictional) narrative describing the daily life of a particular person, perhaps your granddaughter, living in the future as you would like to see it unfold.
  • Identify any actions you can take now to help that future happen as you envision it.

Suggestions for further reading:

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