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If you're interested in helping instruct or just want to learn, add your name in the appropriate list below!

Interested Students

Complete (or near complete) Beginners

rhiwarthenForgot how to say 'forgot', so back to the basics again!

Shaun McBride : I would love o learn Welsh , another Brythonic Langauge
Adam P. : My ancestry traces back to the land of Wales; I would like to learn another ancestral tongue.
Peter17pxHiggins :Currently living in Wales and would like to learn the language.
Jaye - Have wanted to learn Welsh ever since I started reading Diana Wynne Jones when I was about 10.
User:cymru.lass (cymru.lass on Wikipedia)
Bonnie Learnt Welsh for two years at pre-GCSE level and grew up in Wales - would love to be able to understand, read and speak it. Am also interested in the linguistic origins of Welsh as a Brythonic language.
Clear every dayDawne Lightbourne: enchanted with Welsh Culture; esp. myth,folklore,bardic tradition...wonderful place, wonderful people, wonderful language...looking forward to my learning experience...
User:Lihaas (Lihaas on Wikipedia) interested in making sure a dying language doesnt die, esop. amongst its core base and BEYOND. Was also considering Cornish/Mannin/Welsh (the latter 2 are moreunder threat id say)
User:Tjawilliams65 I have some Welsh ancestry and an interest in Languages and plan to learn Welsh.

Advanced Beginners


Intermediate Students
  • The Jade Knight (d'viser). I can read and write Welsh at a conversational level, but would like full proficiency. I also desperately need improvement in speaking and listening.
Proficient Students

Interested teachers

Native Speakers

Lewis J. Elliott

Fluent Speakers

Stephen Owen Rule (YouTube SteCymru14

Proficient Speakers

Advanced Learners