Web technologies/2014-2015/Projects

List of proposed projects:

  • Movie Rental Systems
  • Online Auction System
  • Online Hospital Management
  • Online Job Recruitment System
  • Online Banking system
  • Discussion Forums
  • Advanced Ticketing System for plays, matches
  • Web Crawlers
  • Web based Appointment Systems
  • Social Networks
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP)
  • Student Information system
  • Attendance management system
  • Speech Enabled Airline Reservation System
  • Shop Management System
  • Leave Application Management System
  • Meeting Room Booking System
  • REST API using GO
  • REST API using Python FLASK and MongoDB (or ClouchDB)
  • Django Based project
  • Angular Based project
  • REST API using NodeJS

NOTE: You can implement the projects using any language or platform you see fit JavaEE, GO, Flask, DJango, Angular si NodeJS. Students can propose other projects, this is not an exhaustive list.