Web Design/Create a simple mark-up language document to specification

This unit defines the competency required to design, create and save a simple mark-up language document to a given specification using a text editor rather than an authoring tool.

This competency can be viewed directly on the training.gov.au website:

The competency is outlined here together with ideas for demonstrating your competence as well as related modules where you can learn more skills relevant to this unit.

Performance Criteria edit

Realistically, this unit is best undertaken together with ICAB4171A Develop cascading style sheets as some of the performance criteria below (regarding document formatting and positioning) are ideally achieved with Cascading Style Sheets. Together these two units form a good grounding for ICAB4137A Produce basic client side script for dynamic web pages.

The following performance criteria come from the National unit of competency.

Elements edit

Analyse specification edit

  • Determine the uses and audience of the document
  • Determine the appropriate mark-up language based on the document uses and audience
  • Determine relevant document structure
  • Determine appropriate browser-safe colours

Create document structure to specification edit

  • Create and assign the basic elements of the document, taking into account accessibility
  • Add content text to the body of the document
  • Save document using a descriptive name and an appropriate extension

Format document to specification edit

  • Apply a suitable format for the text
  • Apply a suitable background colour
  • Apply suitable positional elements
  • Create lists

Create tables, hyperlinks and graphics edit

  • Create tables
  • Create hyperlinks, anchors and image maps for internal and external navigation
  • Define the colours for unvisited, visited and active links
  • Create hyperlinks for sending email
  • Attach images in a suitable format

Validate documents edit

  • Validate mark-up language document against specifications and record outcomes
  • Validate mark-up language document in different browsers for compatibility and record outcomes

Ideas for demonstrating competence edit

  • A Small Website Project - A small website project (with some advanced options) will provide an opportunity to demonstrate most, if not all of the outcomes for this unit of competence.
  • Other ideas? Edit and add your own ideas for demonstrating competence in this unit!

Related Modules edit

External Links edit

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