Web Design/Build a basic web page/HTML Quiz

Try your luck at these quiz questions…

1 Which heading tag will produce the largest text?


2 Which tag would you use to create a hyperlink?


3 Which of these tags should NOT be located in the head section of your page?

link to a style sheet
background image

4 If you put a <title> tag in the head section of your page, it will appear in bold, large print at the beginning of your page. Select one:

It depends on the browser
Only if the CSS makes it display that way

5 If you want to have the browser open a new window for a link to an outside page, which attribute would you use?


6 If you want your ordered list to use capital letters and start with the letter D, which attributes would you use?

type="a" start="D"
type="A" start="D"
type="A" start="4"
type="letter" start="d"

7 The anchor tag links to:

specific places within a particular page.
other pages within your website.
pages anywhere on the Internet.
All of these are correct

8 HTML documents should be saved as text only, and the file name should have .html as the ending. Cascading stylesheets should also be saved as text, but the file name should end with:


9 HTML tags use brackets to contain the information. What kind of notation do Cascading Style Sheets use to contain information?

Brackets, just like HTML.
Curly brackets.
Forward slashes.

10 Which input type would allow a reader to select several options from a list of possibilities?

multi-line textbox

11 If the input type is "text" and the size is "2", which answer will NOT show on the website?


12 8 to 10% of all males have some form of colorblindness. This is a good reason to avoid color schemes that include:

red on green.
black on white.
blue on yellow.
green on white.

13 To make your website easier to be read by automated reading programs for the blind, you can:

use <h1>...<h6> tags for easier navigation
use alt tags to describe images
use alt tags that name the link destination for images that function as links.
All of these are correct

14 What does marquee tag do?

make text running
All of these are correct