Web 2.0 for Professional Use/E-Mail

This page was created for viewers to gain a better understanding of using e-mail appropriately in the professional, business world. A tool, like e-mail, is only as powerful as the person operating it; therefore, it is important that the people writing, sending, and receiving e-mails are doing so effectively. This page serves to educate and guide the senders of e-mails on the basic construction of professional e-mails, general e-mail do's and don'ts, and professional Web etiquette when looking for a job.


E-mail for Web 2.0 Professional Use


E-mail is one of the most common communication methods within the professional world today. Therefore, it is important to know the best, most effective ways to use the tool professionally when corresponding with others in the business world.

Because of the transition in professional communication to e-mail, every legit professional has an e-mail address nowadays. If you are trying to reach a professional but do not know his or her e-mail address, here are three easy ways to acquire it:

1. Call and ask the receptionist.

2. Go to the company Web site and extrapolate.

  • If you have JSmith@companywebsite.com, then all employees are in that format.

3. Ninety percent of the time it will follow one of three formats:

  • JohnSmith@companywebsite.com, JSmith@companywebsite.com or JohnS@companywebsite.com.
  • To ensure that you have reached the person, you can send it to all three of these possible addresses because the recipient won’t see the unsuccessful attempts

Basic Parts of Professional E-mails

General E-mail Do's and Don'ts

Professional Web Etiquette When Looking for a Job